I have always loved animals and was lucky enough to have had dogs, horses, and cats around ever since I was a child.

Dogs were my mother’s passion she bred collies, trained dogs and was a regular judge at dog shows which I always attended with her, and I have been privileged to have lived and worked alongside dogs all my life.

This led me to have, like my mother, a real passion to work with all animals and I went on to study and pass various equine exams and become a riding instructor. At each stable I worked at there was always a selection of dogs of all breeds and I found over time I had a real affinity with them and became increasingly interested in their behaviours and the different ways of training them and that was where my passion for working with dogs was started.

This has led me over the years to complete many canine courses including Level 3 Dog training and behaviour, Canine Body Language and I am currently working towards a Level 4 Canine First Aid course and taking my Level 4 in Training and Behaviour Consultations with Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. These courses have increased my knowledge and confidence and given me a desire to share my learning and help as many dogs and their owners as I can.

I have found a way of training dogs that I totally believe in using a positive reward process that has had proven results that changes the lives of the dogs and their owners. It is wonderful to see the relationship between dogs and their owners improve and grow in a relatively short time with just a bit of guidance for the owner and some positive reinforcement and clearer commands in a fun and relaxed environment for the dog.

I have been working as a dog trainer and behaviourist for the last 2 years and I am now ready to share my knowledge and expertise with other qualified trainers with the same values and passion as I have and so THE DOGS ACADEMY idea was born.

Dogs are the greatest creatures to walk this planet. I feel honoured to be able to work with and walk amongst them.

Nadean The Dogs Academy

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